Why Can't I Lose Weight

Review by Cherié Davidson*, March 2007

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Every so often, I will read a book that captures my attention so completely that I hate to put it down. Then I go back to it repeatedly, long after I have finished the review. Jackie Bushell's 116-page ebook, "Why Can't I Lose Weight" (DietPlateau.com) is such a book.

There are truckloads of diet books available that claim to have the "secrets" of weight loss, or the diet supplement or plan that is the long awaited magic bullet. Many are gimmicks, some are completely misleading, and others only touch on the problems but offer no real solutions. Not the case with "Why Can't I Lose Weight".

I found this ebook to be filled with practical medically-based answers to many of my questions about weight loss, plateaus, healthy fat loss, metabolism and that all important question of why the weight so often comes back no matter how "good" I am on my diet du jour.

Based on the long-term research and study from an impressive list of health and medical reference sources, Bushell writes about the changing theories of diet and exercise, addresses diet hype, fads, trends and introduces solid information based in biochemistry and documented scientific facts. Her goal is to start with facts and toss out misleading and misinterpreted data, along with outdated beliefs. In her book, she introduces her readers to current, relevant and proven facts about low calorie, low fat, low carb, and low glycemic diets. This book helps clear the fog of myths and unsupported claims and shine a logical, detailed light on diet and healthy weight loss facts.

This straightforward and honest statement from her conclusion sums up the philosophy, tone and mission of her book: "Getting your body 'fit for weight loss' is about making your body healthy in general, and that takes time and patience. Getting healthy is not about quick fixes, and nor is successful weight loss ... Making sure you lose the right kind of weight and in the right way is key to ensuring that when the weight comes off, it stays off."

There are 15 chapters and three appendices that include topics and detailed "secrets" about:

  • Famine syndrome and the set point
  • The blood sugar/insulin connection
  • Metabolic rate
  • Stress
  • Food allergies/sensitivities
  • Candida/yeast overgrowth
  • Fluid retention
  • Malnutrition
  • Toxic overload
  • Genetic inheritance
  • Exercise
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Prescription medicines
  • Compulsive eating and cravings
  • Diet "politics" and how overweight perceptions can cause overlooked medical issues
  • Thermogenic & fat burning supplements
  • A Personal Action Plan for Weight Loss Success

Author Jackie Bushell is dedicated to the message in her book. As she stated at the close, "So what I hope to have achieved with this book is to bring together all of the most important knowledge and new ideas related specifically to weight loss problems, screening out the many ideas that are unsupported by science." Personally, I think she has accomplished this.

As I read her ebook, I was struck at the dedication and depth of research she put into the project. There is no doubt that she is very knowledgeable - and passionate - about this subject, and her list of resources backs up her work. "Why Can't I Lose Weight" contains a lot of common sense and medically supported nutritional information that is applicable to a great many frustrated dieters, just like myself. I experienced many "ah-ha!" moments while reading through the pages.

I recommend this book for anyone who has questions about healthy weight loss, curiosity about diet hype and trends, interest in nutritional weight loss, or anyone wanting to know the truth about the "low carb" diet phenomenon. But I especially recommend this book to anyone who suspects there could be an underlying health issue causing them to be resistant to weight loss. "Why Can't I Lose Weight" could answer many of your questions ... it sure did for me.

"Why Can't I Lose Weight" is a downloadable PDF ebook, available at DietPlateau.com.

© 2006, revised 2007 Cherié Davidson

* Cherié Davidson is a web writer living in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. For over 20 years, her work has focused primarily on website content and copywriting, articles, press releases, reviews and e-books, with a great deal of experience writing research, business and technical articles, marketing materials, and essays. Cherié has been published in regional and national newspapers, magazines, and by hundreds of online websites.


What others say about us

This book is a must for anyone that has tried exercise and various diets but still can't lose weight.

For years I have tried various diets which only provided short term success in weight loss. This insightful book has, at last, provided the answers needed to achieve permanent weight loss.

It seems that most people have the same issue – it's easy to lose weight, but its much harder to keep it off and this book looks at this from a different perspective, so someone that has a real interest in finding out the cause of not keeping weight off will find the book really useful.

Jo W., England

My husband and I are both calorie counting and I was at a complete standstill plateau for about 3.5 - 4 weeks. I am now losing again thanks to the [calorie] "cycling" – I was just eating too few calories and walking a lot!

Thanks again – we're appreciating the ebook!

Alma B., United States

I found this book to be well researched and very readable, full of common sense and will provide inspiration to many.

Marilyne B., UK

I'm really very impressed with "Why can't I lose weight?" by Jackie Bushell.

This is not 'yet another miracle diet' but an up to the current moment comprehensive understanding of the underlying complex mechanisms that make up our metabolism, very clearly layed out and explained in easy to understand language. It makes for fascinating reading, explaining how our bodies evolved from early evolution to be adapted to their environment at that time and how our environment has now changed so fast our bodies have not kept pace. Moreover, there are many individual factors that influence the way we can successfully lose weight and different factors will influence different people. All we've done until now when dieting is follow what worked well for other people. No wonder people have failed time and time again! This book is the clearest and most complete work on the science of dieting that I have ever read, and is great to read cover to cover as well as serving as a reference source of information.

Thanks for a brilliant book, Jackie!

Iris van P., The Netherlands

The book got technical things over in an easy to understand way. It was just as though you were talking to me in a conversation.

Pam E., England

Everybody should read this! It should be common knowledge. So much information but put in a straightforward manner. The sort of thing that should be on everyone's bookshelf.

Carolyne M., England